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Services for Startups

You have great ideas but you need help in building your product and bringing it to market. RedBlackTree serves as your CTO and tech team - we work closely with you on all things tech - understanding your customer, product and market strategy, product design and development, dev ops and maintenance... We work long term with you to help you establish and build market leadership.

Product Strategy
We model and understand your customers and help you fine tune your product strategy and design. We offer the following services:
  • Product Strategy
  • Market Strategy
  • Product Design
Product Development
Build Fast
We offer the following services for startups:
  • Product Design
  • Prototyping
  • MVP Dev
  • Dev Ops
Steady State Services
Build Steady
We work long term with startups as they go after target markets. We offer the following services as our customers grow:
  • Product Management
  • Steady State Dev
  • People Ops Services

Startup Services - here's what you get!

We help build fast histories - shortening Build-Measure-Learn cycles and hastening learning, improving the odds for startup success. We bring more than a decade of experience of working with startups to the table.

Product Strategy

We start with your idea and work with you to fine tune it. We help you develop user profiles and personas, we help with market studies and in identifying your target markets, specifically the beachhead market to start off with. We help you plan your Minimum Viable Product and your near term development roadmap. We help with hiring and we set you up to work smoothly with your tech team – whether its an in-house team, an off-shore one or a combination of the two. We bring a decade of hard earned experience in helping startups grow from just an idea to serving thousands of customers across global markets.


Speed is of the utmost importance for a startup. Validating your ideas without spending too much time or money is critical. We help you on this front with our research and design sprints that shorten the Build-Measure-Learn cycle and reduce the time taken to gain invaluable insights on users and the market. We also help with our rapid prototyping services that help you quickly build-deploy-measure-and-learn. We’ve fought the good fight for numerous startups over the years and we bring our battle tested skills to the table for you.

MVP Development

So, you’re further along the road – you’ve tested the waters a bit, built your prototypes, got initial feedback from potential end-users, talked to a couple of VC’s... Now, you need to build your product! You need something that’s more robust than the prototypes, something that is better thought through and that works and looks better – and, you need it quick. We’ve done just this for dozens of startups over the years with our rapid MVP build-outs. We combine high quality design with solid engineering to get you to product launch quickly and safely. We take care of the tech and help you focus on funding and critical customer facing work.

Steady State Development

You’re not quite the 2 person startup any more. You’re on the hockey stick, you’ve gone beyond friends and family and your customers are now more discerning, more demanding than before. You need solid engineering and quality now, more than ever. You need to invest in process and in building a solid engineering culture to work with product management, sales, marketing and support. Life is a whirlwind and you’re trying to stay in control. Well, we’ve got you covered! We bring in strong process knowledge and experience to help growing startups mature into fast, high quality process driven organizations that consistently delight customers. We help you transition from the rough and tumble of a startup to a more mature, organized operating rhythm as you continue to go after new markets and grow even faster.

Enterprise Services

You're a large enterprise but want to operate at the speed of a startup. You need to innovate and stay ahead of the competition. We manage your idea pipeline, solve your tough technology problems, bring products to market quickly and help you change the game.

Technology Consulting
We manage your idea pipeline, strengthen internal processes to help you get your products to customers faster. These are the services we offer:
  • Product Management
  • Process Improvement
Product Development
We offer larger firms the following services:
  • Product Design
  • Structured Agile Development
  • Quality Assurance
  • Dev Ops
Maintenance & Support
For Enterprise customers we offer the following services:
  • Product Management
  • Structured Agile Dev
  • Quality Assurance
  • Tech Support


We get large firms to develop quick feet and get innovation done quickly for their customers. This is how we do it.


We work with large firms primarily to help them work like startups. We help them re-wire themselves to bring innovative, disruptive products to market rapidly with lean teams. The primary focus of our consulting services is to help our customers change processes, help them manage their idea pipeline and set them up to work with lean, all-star dev teams.


We bring the lean software development techniques employed by startups to the enterprise world suitably modified to work in the context of a larger organization. Our methods include rapid research, design and dev sprints coupled with more structured, stage gated Agile project management. We help large companies bring products to market quickly while maintaining all the stringent quality standards that have helped them build their brand.


Some of our customers are large companies with established global brand names. Products with defects would do a great amount of damage to their brand. So, even though, we bring the speed and alacrity of a startup to these large firms, we insist on stringent Quality Assurance practices as part of the delivery process. We couple the solid engineering practices of our dev teams with independent QA teams that operate per industry standard best practices. To ensure consistency with our Quality practices we’ve been working on the maturity of our processes internally and we are currently being assessed for a CMMi Level 3 Certification.

We work with a range of languages and technology platforms to solve problems for our customers.

Technology at RedBlackTree

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