We build and scale companies

We are a team of engineers, entrepreneurs and investors who partner with founders and established firms worldwide to design, build and bring new products and services to market. We also build and incubate teams to help scale the startups as independent, sustainable businesses.

RedBlackTree brings to the table over 15 years of experience, building business and consumer services, across industry verticals and geographies. We usually work closely with founders from the concept stage onwards, helping craft the startup brand and iterating with product development to obtain product-market fit. Our core strength lies in product strategy, design, engineering and high quality people-ops to build teams and retain talent. In addition, we also bring our network of investors to help our startup partners secure funding.

We also collaborate with large enterprise firms to build and operate startup style teams to build new products and bring them to market quickly. We occasionally work on our own ideas and create new startups in this manner as well.

We work on projects very selectively and focus on impactful work that will solve problems and help improve people's lives. Learn more

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